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Greeting from The Pine Patch Tree Farm

It’’s been another great growing season at the Pine Patch Tree Farm.  We’re getting fantastic growth on our landscape trees and the Christmas trees are looking good for this season.  This summer, Nytha and I were able
to stop at the Christmas Tree Farm in Michigan that we get our pre-cut fraser fir trees from.  As always, they will be top notch.

Please stop by our website and have a look around.  The address is:    Next year, the newsletter will only be by e-mail so please e-mail us back with your e-mail address to get signed up.   Send to:

With the Christmas Season right around the corner, we have ordered a very nice selection of Fraser Fir and Douglas Fir Christmas Trees from our supplier in Michigan. As in years past, these trees with be of the finest quality of any trees in the area. We will also have hundreds of Scotch and White Pine  that you can choose and cut from our farm.

The Pine Patch is known for having the freshest and finest Christmas Wreaths in the area. Besides the mixed greenery wreaths we make, we bring in Fraser fir wreaths from Michigan and personally decorate each one. There is a large collection of bows so you can customize the wreaths you want to your Christmas decor. We will also have fresh garland again. The garland comes in 25’ rolls of White Pine or Douglas Fir. There also is a mixed green garland too. Be sure to Pre-Order your wreaths and garland for your Christmas season. These will be available the Friday after Thanksgiving.

We will be opening for Pre-Tagging this year on Sunday, October 18th. Our Open House will be from 1:00 pm till 5:00 pm. Experience the joy of walking among  hundreds of pine and spruce trees looking for your perfect Christmas tree while the weather is still warm.  After this date, please feel free to stop by anytime to choose and pre-tag your tree. Pre-tag materials will be in the mailbox just inside the driveway gate.  

Fall is a great time to plant landscape trees. We do Tree Spade transplanting and tree moving. We have a nice selection of Blue Spruce along with some larger flowering crab, maple, oak and river birch that we can move into your yard with our spade.  There are potted Spruce Trees that can be decorated for Christmas and then planted in the spring.  We also do Tree Injection and Tree Spraying for Bag Worm, Spider Mites and Borers along with Iron Nutriboosters for yellowing of maple and oak trees.  Another service this year is Industrial Weed control.  There also is a selection of potted leaf trees and evergreens for sale too. Give Dave a call at 402 463-6500 for an appointment.  To talk about your lawn care needs, call Alex at Sunset Lawns at 402 463-8566. Estimates are free.

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Dave and Nytha Glass
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